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Natural Wood

Wood provides natural character and adds long-lasting value to a home. It comes in many species, finishes and colors and is a comfortable, natural insulator. We offer it in strips, planks, and parquet, pre-finished and un-finished versions which can be refinished several times.

Wood should be sealed or finished in moist areas and is not suitable for installation below ground level. Solid wood strip or plank is nailed down only and requires a wood sub floor, but solid wood parquet can be glued to a variety of sub floor materials.

Engineered Wood

Engineered wood is a veneer layer of wood with a multi-layered backing criss-crossed beneath. It looks and feels like solid wood but is easier and less expensive to install. It is a good choice for below-grade installations as its laminated construction adds stability. Offered in prefinished strips and planks, it can usually be refinished at least once, if done by a professional.

Engineered strip, plank and parquet can be glued down over various types of sub-flooring, but if nailed, it must be over a wood sub-floor.

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